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aviation operation managementIIB System electronic document management solution can be integrated and interact with aviation operation management systems to enhance it’s functionalities. This capability is designed as a tool to increase the efficiency of the flight line mechanic & support the FAA ATOS initiative. Federal Aviation Agency inspectors now look at an airline as a whole, to see how the many elements of its operations - from aircraft to pilots to maintenance facilities to flight dispatch to cabin safety - interact to meet federal standards in other to mitigate the risks, minimize discrepancies, and ensure that operational data relating to safety is consistent in all published documentation. Focused on the aviation industry, our web-based aviation document management solution can dramatically reduce paper-based information search time, decreasing maintenance costs while increasing fleet readiness. Providing the ability to share critical safety content, documentation standards, and formats, the ADM can enhance the publishing process for all authors. Authors will have the ability to share and reuse document components, all within your existing Microsoft? Word authoring environment.