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Healthcare Record managementHealthcare organizations have been tasked with implementing electronic records by 2014. This can be a daunting challenge: most organizations still rely on paper for many of their business processes. Others have made attempts at implementing EMR/EHRs, only to find that the new systems don’t deliver the efficiency that is needed to optimize patient care. Across the board, organizations are wondering whether it is possible to budget for a transition to EMR without compromising patient care.

Whether you’re looking to transition from paper records to electronic or enhance an existing EMR/EHR system, IIB system document management solution provides the information access that you need to optimize services for both patients and staff.

We provide:

Reduction in paper and lost information throughout your enterprise.

Paperless Healthcare Admissions/Registration

Healthcare Record managementFrom the moment that a person enters your hospital, clinic, or private practice, you want to do everything that you can to facilitate outstanding service. Transactions should be smooth, patient information should be easily accessible, and redundancy should be avoided. Efficient interactions at your registration desk can impact performance throughout the entire patient care cycle—from admissions and care through coding, billing, and remittance.

With our document management solution, you can automate the patient admissions process. As new patients are registered with admissions, new patient folders can be created automatically within the document repository. With IIB system solution software, you can update EHR/EMR applications with new records. Patient information—faxes, email messages, X-rays, EOBs, CMS 1500 (HCFA) and UB-04 forms, checks, medical records, etc.—is accessible at the click of a mouse.

Secure electronic access ensures that patient records are complete and error-free, and helps your organization to comply with HIPAA and other regulations. Admissions forms, lab results, risk factors, patient demographics, insurance forms, discharge forms, and other patient records are available to authorized personnel from any Web browser. When you automate patient registration, you can guarantee that patient information is never lost, misfiled, or needlessly duplicated. With the ability to integrate with Epic, Siemens, Eclipsys, CPSI, and various healthcare management systems, IIB system solution is designed to leverage the tools you already have and help you to achieve more from your investments.

Our document solution can transform your organization and help you provide superior services for your patients and staff.