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Insurance Business OperationsConsumers today differentiate insurers with two main criteria: price and service. Insurers differentiate themselves by leveraging the IIB system solution to automate, standardize, simplify, and expedite information flow. This provides them the ability to control costs and improve services from application submission through premium billing.

Today’s top insurers leverage technology to retain top agents, clients, and staff by streamlining and simplifying the flow of information— not only in claims and underwritings but in all areas of business operation. This makes it easy for clients to find what they are looking for, and afterwards, to see what they are receiving. It re-establishes agents and staff as insurance professionals as opposed to document handlers.

We can help insurers:

Insurance Business Operations / Back-office Processing

Insurance Business OperationsIn addition to reducing the processing burden on your agents and staff, IIBsystem solution have the ability to enhance Human Resources, Accounting, Legal, Accounts Payable, and other back-office operations.

Processes that involve action—including multiple reviews, approvals, denials, and signatures— benefit greatly from business process management, which allows you to flow tasks to the right people for action in a timely manner.  It also allows you to:

Improving Underwriting with IIB system

Are you eager to write new business quickly, but challenged by the paperwork? Do increasing regulations and service level agreements make it tough to stay ahead of the game? Efficient access and electronic workflow can help you to cut processing times dramatically and avoid the challenges presented by lost or misplaced files, papers in transit, and the natural redundancy of information resulting from a paper system. Integration with policy servicing software and other line-of-business applications makes your communications seamless and enhances service.

By automating your underwriting process, you can:

Whether you are looking for ways to facilitate policy issue or rating processes, expedite processing, or leverage your company’s underwriting and insurance processing software with automated Workflow, We can help you shorten processing times and offer better service.