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If your company is struggling to figure out how to move your paper-based business to digital form, the web or if your customers are demanding more information, better access to information, or information customized to meet their specific needs, a Needs Assessment can solve your problems. During a Needs Assessment engagement, our consultants can help you understand the impact of document management solution on your business and how it can help your organization capitalize on technology and growth opportunities.


Situation Analysis
Risk ManagementFirst, IIB System consultants will examine the way you currently generate and distribute documents, analyze your business processes, procedures and personnel setup and how you deliver information to your customers . Through a series of interviews and a review of your existing paper- and electronic-based information, we gain an understanding of your business. Discussions with your management team focus on customer demands, market expansion, future corporate direction, and increased revenue opportunities. Throughout this process we will concentrate on how our system can help provide solutions that have a positive impact on your bottom line.


Requirements Definition
The second step is an analysis of your specific requirements against currently available tools. Specific requirements are identified and detailed, against which all recommendations are evaluated. We will discuss alternatives and make recommendations.


System Recommendation
Then, our consultants will develop a detailed project plan outlining the steps involved in delivering a Solution to meet your organization's goals and objectives. The plan will highlight costs, benefits, timelines, resources, and trade-offs, allowing your management team to make informed decisions.


The concluding step is an on-site review of the recommendations and projected implementation plan. We will answer any additional questions that you may have, as well as discuss in-depth the results of the analysis and our recommendations. Then a report will be generated.