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Prevent unauthorized access, manipulation, and destruction of files

Records Management ServicesHaving a records management strategy in place is a necessity in today’s litigious business environment. Records management technology allows users to easily access corporate documents while protecting them against unauthorized access, manipulation, and destruction of files. Records management software also provides the ability to oversee all records and apply record-keeping procedures in accordance with corporate and government policies. It ensures consistency, protects corporate images, and streamlines procedures.

Business benefits of records management:

By combining your records management capabilities with document management and workflow technology, our technology solution allows you to address enterprise challenges with a single solution. It assists your organization in addressing stringent legislative, regulatory, and e-discovery requirements with extensive searching and reporting tools, audit trails, security, and archive capabilities to protect document confidentiality and integrity.


Disaster Recovery Planning, Risk Management, and Change Management

Records Management ServicesWhether you need to prepare your staff to embrace change, mitigate risk for your IT project, or prepare for unanticipated disasters, planning is critical to success. Fire, flood, a leaking roof, electrical failure, and even staff who are resistant to change can cause unexpected problems. Preservation of mission-critical information and system operations is vital, and disaster recovery software can help.

IIB System professional services team works with clients in business continuity planning, preparing for data recovery in the event of a natural or man-made disasters and making sure that you have a Disaster Recovery Solution that addresses all of your IT needs. Our staff will listen to your needs, helping you to plan for effective backups and fault-tolerant, redundant systems to ensure you stay connected to your information, even in a disaster. Our staff works with you to understand which information is needed most urgently as well as the ramifications of each step within the plan. Our staff and our business continuity software capabilities also help with the physical recovery of data in the event that a real disaster strikes.

Risk assessment plays a key part in planning by identifying potential pitfalls in a technology project. A solid risk management plan details appropriate actions if there are personnel changes, timelines that can not be met, cost changes are incurred, or any other type of calculated risk. Anticipating potential challenges, and having a plan in place to address them, ensures that they will not disturb the project running smoothly. OIT staff can help your company plan for and address risks so you can avoid unnecessary interruptions in your project.

Change can present challenges for members of staff, who may not be comfortable with the new processes that accompany automation. A disaster recovery implementation that includes a strategy for effective change management is imperative. We can help you create communications strategies, a customized training plan, and change management plans for your IT solutions that will help management and staff to embrace your IT project. Our team helps your organization to hurdle common objections that accompany change and ensure that your project will be met with enthusiasm and implemented successfully.